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Zhi.Pat 2-stage led headlight for Winner V1 xe

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Zhi.Pat 2-stage led headlight for Winner V1 xe

Perhaps in this article you will have the question: "Why do you have to equip 2-stage lights for Winner V1". Because Winner V1 zin has been equipped with 2-stage lights right from the manufacturer. However, after going through this article, you may think again about Zhi.pat 2-stage LED headlights and want to equip this product for your pet. Immediately refer to the detailed information below and immediately equip your pet.

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Zhi.pat Winner V1 2-stage lights are different from zin lights?

- The reflector is designed in a transparent smoky black color compared to the meca white color of the zin lamp.

- Light increases 3 times compared to zin lamps

- Long-term warranty up to 12 months due to technical defects.

In addition to the utilities and differences that make up the Zhi.pat brand, the product is completely standard and you only need to remove the jack of the zin lamp on the car and pin the jack of the zhi.pat 2-stage lamp to complete the stitch. installation and use. Above all, in the past, when the light switch brothers broke the chip on the LED and made the light no longer work, you can immediately buy a Zhi.pat 2-story light with Winner 150 to replace it quickly. No more waiting for goods from the company with a long time, buy, install and use quickly. Brothers who are far away can also place an order right away to help give your pet a good light.

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Address 2: 586 Pham The Hien, Ward 4, District 8, HCMC

Phone:  0909 4747 13 - 0909 5030 25

Winner V1 LED headlights bring the perfect light for you

Winner V1 LED headlights bring the perfect light for you

Sản phẩm đến từ thương hiệu Zhi.pat

Products from the brand Zhi.pat

Không khác gì đèn zin của xe nhưng ánh sáng cực mạnh

Not different from the car's zin lights, but the light is very strong

Tăng sáng vượt trội cho chiếc Winner V1 của bạn

Outstanding brightness for your Winner V1

Dù màu gì đi nữa bạn vẫn có thể lắp đặt đèn pha LED 2 tầng

Regardless of the color, you can still install 2-stage LED floodlights

Góc trực diện trông thật hoàn hảo của đèn pha LED 2 tầng Zhi.pat

The perfect direct angle of Zhi.pat 2-stage LED headlights

Chiếc Winner V1 màu vàng lên nhiều sản phẩm độ kiểng trông thật hoành tráng

The yellow Winner V1 on many ornamental products looks so majestic

Nên lắp đặt thêm mão đầu đèn để tạo điểm nhấn cho xế cưng

Should install more headlight caps to create accents for your car

Trang bị ngay đèn pha LED 2 tầng để phượt an toàn, phượt xuyên đêm

Immediately equip 2-level LED headlights for safe riding and night riding

Đèn pha led 2 tầng Zhi.Pat cho xe Winner V1

Zhi.Pat 2-stage led headlight for Winner V1 xe

Chóa đèn màu đen khói cực ngầu và cực huyền bí

Very cool and mysterious smoke black reflector

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